Musical Instruments

At Celebrity Pawn we understand financial challenges that musical artists may face at downtime of their career, or instrument collectors that are trapped in a situation where the dearest tool of art is the only collateral. Please don’t hesitate and consider a short term loan against your musical instrument as a way to catch with monetary shortage. At Celebrity Pawn we appreciate the artistry and beautiful music, and we are here to help you with the money you need when you need it, and you can be confident that as long as interest payments are timely made you can reclaim your time when you are ready.

We deal with main street brands as well as high-end musical instruments. Most common Guitars that we lend against are Fender, Gibson, Taylor, Gretsch and Martin. In guitars condition and the rarity is everything when it comes to value. Scratches, scuffs or body damage can affect your pawn loan offer drastically, so please keep your musical valuables out of moisture or inappropriate storage areas. In addition we accept various String Instruments, Band Instruments, Brass Instruments, Drums, Keyboards, as well as Audio and Recording Equipment.
We guarantee the safety and confidentiality of the transaction and our lending experts can be reached on phone to address all of your concerns or questions. Call us today (954) 781-9922 or stop by for a detailed quote.Musical Instruments

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