Precious Metals & Gemstones

For many people of a mid to a higher income bracket, much-needed liquidity is sometimes trapped in lovely but illiquid assets. And occasionally when you need to address certain unplanned events, a ring that was given to you as a gift, or valuable family heirloom that may not be currently serving any specific purpose, or simply an outdated gold piece that possesses no memorable value, all of these assets can be used as a great way to secure your short term financial needs.Jewelry Pawn in South Florida

We lend against the rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, diadems and tiaras.

At appraising jewelry we consider the Maker, Material and Gemstone clarity and size.

Here’s a high-level summary of how what factors we use in appraising jewelry. When your jewelry is with us, it is subject to both protection and specialist care. And when loan is repaid in full, we guarantee a safe return of jewelry in the same condition it was take in before. Please call us today for no obligation consultation. Our appraisers can meet you at the convenience of your home, or we can setup an appointment for a valuation session at our Aventura, FL based office.

Contact Celebrity Pawn today at (954) 781-9922. Our loan specialists can produce a verbal offer within minutes, and reconfirm and exact loan amount upon same day physical inspection and you can leave our store with the money you need today. We are the most experienced jewelry pawn shop in Broward County capable of providing services as a Pawn Shop in Boca Raton, and offering Pawn Loans in Fort Lauderdale and Miami.


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