Need Classic or Exotic Car Pawn Loan in Florida, Who you gonna Call?

Have you heard about CASH LOANS for Expensive Toys in Florida. I’m talking about Motor driven toys such as Ferrari, Aston Martin, Range Rover, Cadillac, Hummer, Lamborghini, Rolls Royce, Mercedes, Porsche, Lotus, Bentley and Teslas. Sorry forgot to mention classic beauties such as Corvette, Cobras, Mustangs, European Baby Benz and Daddy Royces, you can now borrow on these assets with ease.

At Celebrity Pawn we will determine an estimated value of a vehicle by taking into account its year, make, model and overall condition based on market pricing. If it’s a classic model, we dig deep into specialist car auctions like Bonhams, and also talk to people with their finger on the pulse and steering wheel of the market. Of course, final loan value is available after in person inspection. We will send an unmarked transporter to pick up a luxury or classic car at any location of client’s choice and deliver it safely to one of our top-tier storage facilities.

Each vehicle taken into pawn automatically becomes insured bumper-to-bumper. It’s protected from the moment it leaves client’s control until it is safely and securely returned to a client, once loan is repaid. From Lincolns to Lamborghinis, the minimum insurance is the fair market value of a vehicle; never less, often more. It is provided by both our transport and storage partners, as well as our own insurance, which is provided by underwriters who are part of Lloyds of London. Upon vehicle arriving to one of our storage partner’s garage, it is photographed and checks are made in order to determine its condition and value. Should client choose to proceed with the loan, the car will remain in storage for the duration of the loan where it will be fully insured up to its fair market value.

Call us today to find out how you can benefit from a pawn loan on classic car or pawning your exotic hot wheel with us. We are the only Car Pawn Shop in Florida doing loans exceeding $200,000 same day.  Call us today or email you request for a quote to