Why Vehicle Pawn Loan or Motorcycle Pawn Loan in Florida?

If there is an urgent need for cash and you are the owner of an unencumbered and titled Exotic, Classic or Custom built automobile or motorcycle in Florida, short-term Car Pawn Loan by Celebrity Pawn can be your option to borrow using the equity in your car and receive funds within 24 hours. We offer the following terms:

1) Absolute Privacy

We don’t run your credit and we do not report to any credit reporting agencies. Only you and Celebrity Pawn know of the loans existence.

2) Multiple Options

We can custom tailor the deal to be under the terms that are mutually beneficial to you and us. Options may include interest only payments, extended maturity, as well as a sale advance loan is vehicle is scheduled to be sold at the near future auction

3) Most competitive rates starting at 4.99%/month. Additional costs may apply if special handling or storage is required, plus governmental fees.

Celebrity Pawn is the only Pawnshop in South Florida specializing in high-end vehicle and Motorcycle Pawn Loans. We will by determining an estimated value of a vehicle by taking into account its year, make, model and overall condition based on market pricing. Final loan value will be based a completion of in person inspection.Vehicles will be transported by unmarked transporter to our storage facility. Each vehicle taken into pawn automatically becomes insured bumper-to-bumper. It’s protected from the moment it leaves client’s control until it is safely and securely returned to a client, once loan is repaid.

Don’t think twice, we know our competitor Pawn Shops in West Palm Beach, Pawn Shops in Boca Raton, Pawn Shops in Fort Lauderdale and Pawn Shops in Miami and we can confidently say that only Celebrity Pawn is capable to offer you the most money Car Pawn Loan or Motorcycle Pawn Loan in South Florida.

Call us today: (954) 781-9922 or shoot us an email at info@celebritypawn.cash