About Us

Celebrity Pawn is an immediate solution for higher net worth individuals to borrow against their valuable assets with speed, privacy and impeccable service. Clients of a Celebrity Pawn use our asset based loans for everything from starting a new business and investing, to managing unexpected liabilities, even covering ordinary household expenses. Celebrity Pawn is a hassle-free, short-term financing solution suitable for any of your cash-flow challenges.

We possess both expertise and capital to accept your high-end items as a collateral for securitized loans, you can receive anywhere from between $5,000 and $1,000,000 within 24 hours with quick appraisal and no verification of credit.

Items we accept include Luxury Watches and Jewelry, Exotic and Classic Automobiles, Firearms, Yachts and Boats, Heavy Equipment, Fine Art and many more types of valuable assets.

Our appraisers combine their own market knowledge with insights from manufacturer databases, auction records, inspection reports, gemological certifications, scarcity and provenance details, as well as vehicle and marine valuation and automotive research libraries. At Celebrity Pawn, our team of valuation experts allow us to provide the most accurate loan values so we can streamline the funding.

Evaluation and paperwork handling can take place at our corporate office in Aventura, Florida or in the comfort of your own home. Each pledged item, transported and stored by Celebrity Pawn is fully insured and protected to its fair market value for the duration of the loan. As part of the loan documentation process, detailed photographs of the items are taken and both client and our expert sign an item condition report that outlines all material facts affecting the item’s value.

Celebrity Pawn is actively seeking and rewarding its referring partners. We are expanding our network of partners with professionals from a variety of industries, such as real estate associates, financial advisers and wealth managers, marine and automotive dealers, sports and entertainment agents, bankruptcy and criminal attorneys, gallery owners and art advisers, community pawn brokers and jewelers. Become our partner and get rewarded for helping others.

Call our lending experts at (888) 707-3649 today or visit us on-line at www.CelebrityPawn.cash